People Who Don’t Get Tinder

We all know- well… most of us know Tinder is an app for singles with like interests and mutual attraction to connect with one another. Here is an album of the ones who completely missed the memo.



IMG_7025IMG_7040IMG_7046Photo Oct 05, 10 26 00 PMPhoto Oct 13, 10 55 30 PMIMG_5647IMG_5638IMG_3353IMG_3475IMG_3861IMG_4556IMG_4623IMG_4730IMG_5370IMG_5420IMG_4674IMG_5505IMG_5518photo 4 (4)IMG_4773IMG_4783IMG_4784photo 1 (4)photo 5-1photo 5IMG_4715IMG_4719IMG_4727IMG_4741IMG_4755IMG_4713IMG_4712IMG_4710IMG_4709IMG_4692IMG_4570IMG_4580IMG_4588IMG_4615IMG_4645IMG_4562IMG_3954IMG_3790IMG_3420IMG_3424IMG_3511IMG_3559IMG_3416IMG_3399IMG_3391IMG_3313IMG_3291IMG_3308IMG_3260IMG_3222IMG_3121IMG_3155IMG_3187IMG_3218IMG_3219IMG_3023IMG_3021image_1IMG_3293   IMG_3244   IMG_3308 IMG_3420 IMG_3399  IMG_3424 IMG_3511 IMG_3781 IMG_3790 IMG_3954 IMG_4561 IMG_4570 IMG_4580 IMG_4588 IMG_4615 IMG_4645 IMG_4692 IMG_4709 IMG_4710 IMG_4712 IMG_4713 IMG_4719 IMG_4727 IMG_4741 IMG_4755 IMG_4773 IMG_4783 IMG_4784 photo 1 (4) photo 5-1







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